In the days and weeks after a disaster, a range of recovery activities begin to get the affected community back on its feet and rebuilding stronger, smarter and safer.

The National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) provides context for how the whole community works together to restore, redevelop and revitalize the health, social, economic, natural and environmental fabric of the community. Its a guide that includes recommendations for coordination structures across state, local, tribal, and private sector groups and leverages existing resources through Recovery Support Functions (RSFs) .

Developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the NDRF is a tool to help communities plan for recovery so they will thrive after a disaster event.

National Disaster Recovery Framework, 1st Edition

National Disaster Recovery Framework, 2nd Edition

State Recovery Frameworks

North Carolina

North Carolina Emergency Management and the Office of State Budget and Management released a state Disaster Recovery Guide in 2015

A template Disaster Recovery Plan for NC Counties is available from the NC iRiskPortal, under “Planning Tools.” Access here

South Carolina

South Carolina Emergency Management released the latest South Carolina Recovery Plan in 2018.


Georgia DNR’s Coastal Resources Division released a guidance document for preparing recovery plans in coastal communities, based on the experience of Chatham and Brantley counties.  Georgia’s recovery planning guidance builds on and adapts the NDRF.


The Florida Division of Emergency Management and Florida Division of Community Affairs released a Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning Guidebook in 2010.