Observations and Data

SECOORA is making coastal ocean observation data available and accessible to drive science-based decisions. Access our historical and real-time data and products that safeguard ecosystems and communities.

Why We Observe

Delivering Data for Decisions: SECOORA wants to ensure healthy coastal ocean ecosystems and communities by making observation data available and accessible to drive science-based decisions.

What We Observe

Water Quality: Temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and turbidity helps identify sources of pollution and track changes in water quality over time.

Weather and Climate: Air temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, and precipitation information can be used to track severe weather events, forecast weather patterns, and monitor climate change.

Coastal Hazards: Data on flooding, storm surges, sea-level rise, and beach erosion can help coastal communities prepare for these hazards and plan for their long-term effects.

Marine Life:  Data on marine life, including fish populations, sea turtles, and marine mammals help track changing use of the marine ecosystem and inform management decisions about commercial and recreational fishing.

Ocean Currents and Waves: Data on ocean currents and waves, including measurements of wave height, wave direction, and ocean currents helps improve marine navigation and safety.

How We observe

Our coastal ocean observing system uses a combination of methods — from hardware to humans — to collect data on coastal conditions and provide a comprehensive picture of the state of coastal ecosystems and the factors that influence them.



Charting the Course

The Regional Coastal Ocean Observing System Plan provides a roadmap for future investments in expanding data and products in the Southeast. All recommendations are user-influenced and stakeholder-driven, ensuring informed decisions.

How We Promote Data Accessibility

We ensure observing data is available, accessible, and free for everyone. We engage with user communities to understand their information needs – how they use the data, how often, in what format and for what purposes – in order to transform raw data into useful information.

Data Portal

Access over 2,300 real-time and historical ocean observing datasets through our Data Portal. Dive into the Southeast region with our integrated map and customizable layers.
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Products and Models

Text buoys for on-the-go data delivery, assess beach safety, explore hurricane data, and monitor red tide trajectory in West Florida.
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Community Observing

We collaborate with communities to provide real-time solutions. Water level and web cameras help answer questions like ‘Is the road flooded today?’ and ‘Is it safe to go to the beach?’
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Extreme Event Resources

We strive to be your trusted source for information and resources related to extreme events, focusing on hurricanes and harmful algal blooms.
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We are certified to provide federal quality data from the water, to the user, and to the archive. This ensures all users have access trusted data.
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Our members influence and guide all our endeavors to help make us a trusted source for coastal ocean information in the Southeast US.