Hurricane Irma Data Resources

SECOORA is monitoring Irma and is providing access to resources such as data, models, and blogs. Access resources below.

Hurricane Irma Resource Page


September 6, 2017

New blog post “Hurricane Irma Storm Surge in Tampa Bay

Thankfully Hurricane Irma is now gone. Clean up efforts are underway in Florida and Georgia and surveys to SECOORA assets are beginning. In the meantime, take a look at Mark Luther’s Blog post “Hurricane Irma Storm Surge in Tampa Bay” to learn more about Irma’s impacts.

Taking the Pulse of the Storm

SECOORA assets are providing real-time information on Hurricane Irma.


Buoys provide real-time measurements of conditions in the water. As Hurricane Irma moves closer to Florida, use the SECOORA Data Portal to view assets over modeled predictions.

Pictured is the C13 buoy real-time wind speeds coupled with the CNAPS modeled Wind Induced Significant Wave Height.

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 High Frequency Radar

High Frequency (HFR) use radar technology to map surface currents in real-time. SECOORA and U.S. IOOS help support many HFR systems along the South Atlantic Bight.

Pictured is Hurricane Irma’s predicted track over the HFR data coverage coupled with the CNAPS modeled Wind Induced Significant Wave Height

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Hurricane Tracking Resources


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Storm Surge and Flooding Resources


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Data and Other Modeling Resources


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