About Us

SECOORA – Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association – is the coastal ocean observing system for the Southeast U.S.

Delivering Data
for Decisions

Our mission is to bring people, technology, and data together to facilitate collaborations, projects, and knowledge sharing to ensure coastal ocean resilience, safety, and a thriving blue economy.

About Us

Guided by our members, Board, users, regional ocean experts, managers, and other stakeholders, we collect data and create tools that support human populations, coastal economies and a healthy, sustainable environment.

Our coastal observing systems play a critical role in protecting and managing coastal resources in the Southeast. We provide access to real-time data, support scientific research, and promote education and public outreach.


SECOORA is one of 11 regional coastal observing systems that comprise the NOAA led United States Integrated Ocean Observing System (U.S. IOOS®).

IOOS is essentially the weather service for the coastal oceans and Great Lakes, providing the ability to “see” what is happening both above and below the surface and making that information readily available.

What do we believe in?

Scientific Integrity

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of data collection and processing. We are a certified Regional Coastal Observing System and our data is held to NOAA’s robust standards.

Available, Accessible, and Free

We ensure observing data that is vital to safeguarding coastal ocean ecosystems and communities is available, accessible, and free for everyone.

No One Does it Alone

We facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and knowledge sharing to advance science, technology, and drive inclusive, science-driven solutions.

Community Driven Innovation

We utilize emerging technologies to provide the data and information that coastal communities need to thrive in a changing world and build a flourishing blue economy.

Active Coastal Ocean Stewardship

By sharing our data freely and facilitating communications and collaborations we support science-based decisions for improved management of our shared coastal ocean.

Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Our strategic roadmap that directs our initiatives and priorities for the upcoming three years.

Connecting Stakeholders to Data

SECOORA supports projects that are important to stakeholders in the southeast. We talk to our users and produce oceanographic observations, models, web tools, applications, and products based on their needs. Each project SECOORA supports is linked to our Focus Areas. These three Focus Areas guide our tasks, correspond with U.S. IOOS societal goals, and are deemed important to the Southeast by our stakeholders (members, partners, and data users).

Working Together

Within SECOORA, our dynamic organization is comprised of a visionary board, dedicated committees, and a diverse membership community. These integral components work together to drive our mission and enhance coastal ocean observing in the Southeast.


SECOORA members actively shape and guide our initiatives, making us a trusted source for coastal ocean information in the Southeast. Get involved and be a part of shaping the future of coastal communities.
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The Board of Directors guides policy, oversees Committee staffing, elects officers, ensures high board performance, reviews finances, and reports activities to members.

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Committees are essential to SECOORA operations. As established by our Bylaws, committee membership is the one of the primary mechanisms that members interact with and make decisions for the organization.
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