Dedicated to providing data to ensure coastal ocean resilience, safety, and a thriving blue economy.

About Us

States where SECOORA

SECOORA supports projects that are important to stakeholders in the southeast. We talk to our users and produce oceanographic observations, models, web tools, applications, and products based on their needs. Each project SECOORA supports is linked to our Focus Areas.

Delivering Data for Decisions

We want to ensure healthy coastal ocean ecosystems and communities by making observation data available and accessible to drive science-based decisions.

What we do:

Ensure Healthy Coastal Oceans for Resilient Futures

Our observing system provides access to historical and real-time coastal ocean data that advances science, technology innovation, and product development. Insights generated from our observing data ensure the right decisions are made to secure resilient futures and safeguard coastal ocean ecosystems and communities.

Cultivate Collaborative Communities

Our network of government, industry, academics, and NGOs come together to solve problems, observe, and raise awareness of our coastal ocean. We partner with communities to enhance their understanding of and response to the effects of the changing climate. Leveraging real-time data, communities are able to to monitor and proactively address issues like flooding and beach safety.


Support Innovation and Data-Driven Decision-Making

Our data and network are essential to science-based policy and management decisions and informing regional research priorities. We utilize emerging technologies to provide the information coastal communities need to thrive in a changing world and build a flourishing blue economy.

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Transforming Coastal Ocean Monitoring with Web Cameras

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A short time lapse created from a WebCOOS camera observing storm surge during Hurricane Idalia (August 30, 2023). The camera is positioned on the Charleston Branch Pilots pier overlooking Charleston Harbor, the Cooper River, and nearby infrastructure,